Terms and Conditions:

1. Booking is available are on a "first-come, first-serve" basis and no reservation system be implemented.
2."Online Order" is completed only after the passenger successfully settled all outstanding payments by payment gateway and that all the provided details and amount of funds paid are verified.
"Offline Order" is completed only when passenger successfully settled all outstanding payments due to The Crystal Bus Company and that the provided information and amount of funds paid are verified.
Note: The Crystal Bus respects and protects the privacy of all passengers It is the policy of The Crystal Bus to strictly follow the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and our staffs are required to abide by the ordinance. The Crystal Bus will collect personal data of passenger only when needed.
3. After payment is successfully made, passenger must keep the SMS message that would be sent to the passenger’s designated mobile number as the boarding pass.
4. Boarding and alighting for day tour must be at the terminal bus-stop at ‘The Peninsula Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong’.
5. Passengers are strictly prohibited to bring inflammable substance or any substance that is legally prohibited, provoking or mobbish. Using portable megaphone or hanging banner or slogan is also prohibited.
6. Children under the age of 2 is exempted to purchase any ticket when they are accompanied by an adult and provided that they do not occupy a seat.
7. Passengers cannot take carry-on baggage on board without consent of The Crystal Bus.
8. Passenger cannot bring pet or any animal on board without consent of The Crystal Bus.
9. Tour gathers 10 minutes before boarding time, late passenger will not be waited.
10. Seat allocation are prepared by staff of The Crystal Bus on site.
11. Passengers of night tour must make a deposit HKD 10,000 when boarding. Such deposit will be returned to passenger in 2 days upon satisfactory completion of the tour. For any damage caused or any outstanding payments, deposit will be forfeited as compensation and The Crystal Bus reserves full rights to request passenger to pay outstanding compensation .
12. Passengers cannot leave their seats or walk around when the bus is moving .
13. Passengers cannot bring their own food and drinks on bus without consent of The Crystal Bus. Also, the law of Hong Kong strictly constrain passenger from smoking in bus cabinet.
14. Passengers must observe the laws of Hong Kong at all time. If any passenger violates the laws that caused The Crystal Bus being prosecuted by the department of Hong Kong government, The Crystal Bus will claim the loss on passenger for indemnification.
15. Once the order is confirmed, no cancellation or adjustment of the Booking Order is allowed.
16. If The Crystal Bus fails to serve or fails to serve on time due to contingency events, The Crystal Bus will collect pro-rata payment for the service provided. The Crystal Bus will at most be refunding passengers all the collected payment and The Crystal Bus will not compensate the passenger for the losses and damages due to the uncontrolled circumstances that prohibit The Crystal Bus to perform service.
17. Passengers must follow the arrangements and instructions of the staff of The Crystal Bus or else The Crystal Bus could terminate service without providing compensation to passenger.
18. Service provided by The Crustal Bus is for sightseeing only. Any promotion, film-shooting, or other related activity are not allowed on bus.
19. The use of the bus cannot allow any immoral or slanderous activity or activity that has political significance or harm the reputation of The Crystal Bus.
20. Passengers cannot conduct any protesting or related activity on bus. Press conference or similar activities cannot be conducted onboard without consent of The Crystal Bus. Megaphone is prohibited to use on bus and passenger cannot scream or address to the public when the bus is travelling. Any political or religious activity is prohibited onboard. Passengers are not allowed to bring any banner, slogan, or related material onboard. Event or decoration with political significance is not allowed onboard. Distributing promotional material is not allowed onboard.
21. Passengers cannot bring pornography or deliver such message onboard.
22. Passenger cannot cause harm or perform illegally to other people or property.
23. With concern to the safety of passenger and the public, The Crystal Bus has the right to stop service without owing responsibility and providing compensation to passenger.
24. Cancellation Policy
Crystal Bus Holding Limited will provide the arrangement of refund or amendments of reservations for customers who purchased the tour ticket only for the situations below:
The bus fails to provide services with force majeure. Including but not limited to breakdown of bus, traffic accidents, traffic diversion, and weather condition.
Tropical Cyclone Warning Signals No.8 or above is hoisted by Hong Kong Observatory within the 3 hours before departure.
Black Rainstorm Signal is hoisted by Hong Kong Observatory within the 3 hours before departure.
25. Amendment Policy
Waiver of first time amendments of reservations is allowed 14 days before departure. Crystal Bus may charge an amount of 50% of the tour ticket price as administration fee upon request from customers for second and any following amendments. Crystal Bus does not guarantee the success of change due to availability of seats.
26. The included terms and conditions are interpreted pursuant to to all the laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, P.R. China.