Crystal Bus is the first double-decker in Hong Kong that combines touring with gourmet experience. The bus has been in service from 14 March 2017, which has been widely covered by more than 60 media outlets from all over the world. It is our pleasure to have received many positive comments from our customers and visitors since then.


Crystal Bus has luxury and fashionable interior and exterior designs with dining tables and comfortable sofas. The compartment is decorated with over 100,000 pieces of Swarovski crystals mounted by a foreign mounting expert team.


The ticket of a tour includes a Michelin awarded Cantonese dim sum set meal. The tour lasts for more than 2 hours and takes tourists to visit over 20 famous attractions in Hong Kong with a commentary on scenic spots in five languages broadcast throughout the tour. The tourists may enjoy authentic cuisine while witnessing the beauty of Hong Kong's streetscapes, which gives them a brand-new experience in Hong Kong.


In addition to tours that are charged per person, Crystal Bus also provides renting out services for the purposes of business reception or private functions.


Please WhatsApp: 852 69666348 or WeChat: 852 68888010 for ticket purchase


Media coverage


Crystal Bus has been a significant event for Hong Kong’s tourism industry. It has received wide support from the government and is popular among the public. Its unique and beautiful design as well as the innovative concept behind attract attention from the media worldwide. There are over 40 stories covered by TVB and TVB Enews from Hong Kong, Eastern TV from Taiwan, KBS TV from South Korea, and various online and offline media outlets.


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