Morning Charter Tour

Time: 7:00am - 2:00pm (for any 3 hours)

Fees: $6,500 (including 30 drinks)

Extra time: $1,500 per hour


  1. Audio equipment can be used in charter tour. Karaoke and video game can only be used when the bus is parked.
  2. There will be bus attendants to serve customers in the charter tour.

Renting-out service for wedding

Crystal Bus is certainly a good option for a wedding car due to its gorgeous outlook and interior decoration. Moreover, the capacity of the bus reaches 47 persons. Catering services may be available to the bridesmaid's group and the groomsmen group on the bus, which would be very convenient to your friends and relatives while allowing them to experience a special journey.


Time: 8:00am - 2:00pm

Fees: $6,800 (only including driver)

Extra time: $1,500 per hour

Charter Tour Meal

Guests may bring on board their own food or choose to order a Michelin star dim sum meal ($120 each), or other food choices from our partnering restaurants.

Attention to Charter Tour customer

  • The maximum number of passenger is 47. Our recommended number of passenger is 28.
  • Self-prepared food and beverages must be declared in advance for the Crystal Bus approval.
  • Please keep the car clean. Do not play spray snow and cake prank in the car. The Crystal Bus has the right to charge for cleaning fee.
  • If passenger vomit in the car due to drunkenness, the Crystal Bus will charge for cleaning fee no less than $3000.
  • Audio equipment can be used in charter tour. Karaoke and game can only be used when parking.
  • Compensation is required if any damage of audio and video equipment, entertainment and crystal decoration has been caused.
  • The Crystal Bus Tour will start at Hankou Road at the rental time, and return to Hankow Road after finished. Any enquiry or extension for rental time can be raised.

  • Customer must settle full payment for car rental and food fee to the Crystal Bus after booking.


Enquiry or reservation - 24 hours customer hotline/WhatsApp: 852 69666348